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1. Jaded (These Years) 100Download
2. Drawing Board 92Download
3. 2000 Miles 73Download
4. Until I Met You 54Download
5. Chance of a Lifetime 50Download
6. Lost, Broken, Confused 49Download
7. Hotel Room 46Download
8. Your Promise 45Download
9. Burning Bridges 45Download
10. Night Alone 38Download
11. What's the Dillio? 31Download
12. Shell of Myself 31Download
13. Return to Self-Loathing 29Download
14. Slow Motion 25Download
15. Wasting My Time 24Download
16. Lonely Days 23Download
17. Change 22Download
18. Girl for Tonight 22Download
19. Forget You 21Download
20. Long Days Long Nights 20Download
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