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1. Amaranth 100Download
2. Nemo 99Download
3. Wish I Had an Angel 91Download
4. Bye Bye Beautiful 74Download
5. Wishmaster 66Download
6. Over The Hills And Far Away 60Download
7. Sleeping Sun 59Download
8. Ever Dream 56Download
9. The Kinslayer 54Download
10. Dark Chest of Wonders 54Download
11. Planet Hell 52Download
12. End Of All Hope 50Download
13. Bless The Child 49Download
14. Ghost Love Score 48Download
15. Eva 45Download
16. She Is My Sin 45Download
17. The Islander 44Download
18. The Poet and the Pendulum 43Download
19. Cadence of Her Last Breath 39Download
20. Dead To The World 38Download
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