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Best Primal Scream Songs

1. Movin' On Up 100Download
2. Loaded 73Download
3. Rocks 66Download
4. Higher than The Sun 60Download
5. Country Girl 55Download
6. Come Together 54Download
7. Some Velvet Morning 47Download
8. Slip Inside This House 45Download
9. Don't Fight It, Feel It 37Download
10. Trainspotting 34Download
11. Miss Lucifer 30Download
12. Damaged 29Download
13. Inner Flight 29Download
14. I'm Comin' Down 24Download
15. Jailbird 23Download
16. Shine Like Stars 22Download
17. Kowalski 18Download
18. Autobahn 66 15Download
19. Nitty Gritty 15Download
20. Star 14Download
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